About Us


Borali is a French brand launched in 2019 as the brainchild of two clothing enthusiasts, Boris Cornilleau (Boras) and Julien Beluche.


As the founder of the menswear blog Borasification, Boras met Julien, a self-taught designer, while roaming online forums. The preferred hubs of alternative fashion amateurs. What they had in common, notably a pronounced taste for Japanese brands and a certain sense of resourcefulness and improvisation, soon led the two friends to put a name to a project formed around a single obsession: to create the clothes they had always dreamt of wearing.

Divisive and unconventional, the ideal Borali wardrobe should be seen in the light of this driving impulse. An ambition that takes on new colors through contact with the "street heritage" philosophy of style. In other words, revisiting the great classics of menswear through a fresh and playful interpretation deeply influenced by streetwear effortlessness. 

The sharp and polarizing Borali silhouette is anything but a normative mold that only allows exclusiveness. Style infidelities are both welcome and highly valued. For associations of ideas and variations are key to an approach that is both out of the box and inclusive. Cuts, shapes and volumes are conceived as the tools needed to build a personal style that refuses uniformity. 

The clothes and accessories offered by Borali express a duality. Keep it simple, but do not provide instructions. Make it easy to wear, but do not foster easiness. Each item is designed as a versatile instrument intended to take its wearer "a little further", yet never alienate them. 

Aware of the environmental and ethical challenges that are at stake in creating any new brand, no matter how modest, Boras and Julien have from the outset aimed to " make things differently ". Upcycling is an essential part of the creative process for our hand-crafted accessories. Garments using traditional fabrics are produced in small batches, while ensuring that reasoned choices are made throughout. A Japanese fabric is sewn in a Japanese workshop. An European fabric will remain in Europe.


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