How to shorten your Necto bracelet

Because of its braided nature, the bracelet will loosen over time. Furthermore, wearing it every day without ever taking it off will inevitably accelerate wear and tear on the fabric. It is however possible to shorten it if you find it has become too big. All you need is a pair of flat-nose pliers to undo the brass wire, then shorten the loop and retighten the brass wire.

Here are the individual steps:

Take the bracelet by the empty loop (and not by the clasp side).

ㅤㅤLoosen the brass wire using the pliers. ㅤ
Open it fully. 
ㅤFlatten with pliers.
Reshape to make the tightening easier. 
Shorten loop to desired size. 
Put the brass wire back on and tighten it. 

Cut excess fabric. 
ㅤAnd it's done! ㅤ

Try to wear your bracelet with the buckle opening at the top to
avoid accidental unhooking.